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The THird Eye Social

An 8-week online, group coaching & Instagram strategy program for Coaches in the mindfulness & wellness space

⚑️ weekly live group coaching calls ⚑️
⚑️ strategy guides, KPI sheets, app tutorials, content guides,
planners, journal prompts⚑️
⚑️ Q&A, hot seat coaching calls ⚑️
⚑️ immersion into a community of conscious coaches⚑️


1-on-1 services

Instagram Strategy sessions

For the dedicated, transformation-driven Coach or Solopreneur who is struggling to connect with their target market & make sales from their Instagram content.

Through a series of 2 zoom calls & 8 hours of work done behind the scenes by me, you'll walk away with:
πŸš€ current IG content analysisπŸš€
πŸš€ unique communication strategy - content pillars, tones, keywords, optimized bio & more πŸš€
πŸš€ a content creation process tailored to YOUR
creative flow & work schedule πŸš€
πŸš€ content-breakdown structure & basic content plan πŸš€
πŸš€ KPI & analytics sheets & instructions πŸš€
πŸš€ viral content guide πŸš€
πŸš€ IG growth strategy including: hashtag sets, locations & accounts to tag, collaboration guide πŸš€
πŸš€ & a list of brainstormed content ideas to execute on πŸš€

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For the coach who needs in-depth clarity on their Social Media Strategy, niche, communication plan and sales funnel.

The THird Eye Social Strategy

A Group Coaching & Instagram Strategy program
for Transformative Coaches

There’s no worse feelings than...

😐 Second guessing your services because the right people haven’t found you yet
😐 Desperately signing on clients who devalue your services & make you cringe
😐 Pouring hours into content & getting no sales from it
😐 Feeling lost, alone, & unsupported in your business ventures

But what if IΒ told you that...

πŸš€ You can increase your impact & grow your business by making LESS CONTENT
πŸš€ You being yourself online with a strategy to support is the most MAGNETIC & SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY you'll ever find
πŸš€ You can confidently RAISE THE PRICE OF YOUR SERVICES when you align with your dream clients
πŸš€ You can feel supported, inspired & STOKED in this massive leap forward

In The Third Eye Social Strategy, I teach you how to leverage Instagram secrets & creative content efficiently so you don't have to make MORE content.
You're just creating content that speaks more directly to your audience's
deep desires, struggles, & emotions.


The coaching and wellness industry is booming - and for good reason. The collective is begging for healing in a world that is driven by greed, ego, and scarcity. The good news is, there are several free online platforms out there to help you share your wisdom and serve a diverse range of people who need you, online. Not to mention, now more than ever people are finally seeing the value in your services or products and are willing and ready to pay what you're worth no matter where in the world you are. But where incredible coaches and transformation-driven businesses struggle is they're trying on traditional marketing methods that inherently don't fit their philosophies of life and how they desire to do business. It's like putting on a pair of the tightest, ugliest, least favorite pair of pants you found at a clothing chain you despise. In those pants, feeling your best, most inspired, and impactful self won't come naturally.Β 

When I learned that Social Media is just a stage through which we amplify the universal laws of attraction, and started authentically expressing myself with a strategy to support, everything changed. Attracting the type of people, communities and coaches I so deeply desired through content creation became easy and inspirational. As a social media manager, digital marketing strategist and personal development-obsessed millennial who has personally witnessed huge shifts through coaching, I'm not ok witnessing you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated with content creation and social media marketing.

I want to help you sky rocket your impact by teaching you authentic content creation models & Instagram account growth secrets to connect with your dream clients by BEING YOURSELF.

Now IΒ know what you might be thinking....
"You want me to create MORE content. IΒ don't have enough time as it is!"
*Those are the traditional misaligned marketing challenges of the past speaking up to keep you stuck.*

a few of you could also be saying:
"But I've been in the content creation game for a while already..."

Epic!Β I promise my content creation methods can help you simplify, revive, and optimize your process while the growth hacks boost your reach.

To ensure that this new social media marketing method encourages your clients to commit, we also examine your online sales funnel.
Because as fun as content creation is on its own, business growth and impact is what we're after here.


Here's what you might want to know about
how the 8 Week Group Program runs:

✨ 1 Live Group Coaching Call per week ✨
✨ 1 one-on-one Strategy session to find your most ALIGNED Marketing Strategy ✨
✨ 2 comprehensive Q & A Sessions ✨
✨ Hot Seat Group Coaching ✨
✨ Immersion into a COMMUNITY of like-minded, conscious,
compassionate business owners like yourself ✨
✨ Collaborative opportunities to expand your network ✨

Lifetime access to these powerful resources:

⚑️ Guides & Planners: Content Planners, Hashtag guides, Niche Research guides, KPI sheets,
Content Audit guide, Social-specific Sales Strategy Guide ⚑️
⚑️ Creative Content Tutorials: How to use Canva to make branded content that sells ⚑️
⚑️ Instagram Tutorials: How to use the newest and most effective features ⚑️
⚑️ An evolving database of Strategy Updates, Industry Secrets, & Content Inspiration ⚑️
⚑️ Mindset-related Journal Prompts to help you show up authentically online ⚑️


Week 1:
Welcome, Program Orientation & the Power of Authenticity
Week 2:
The Algorithm & your Niche
Week 3:
IG & Sales Funnel compatibility, Content Audit, & Profile Basics
Week 4:
Content Creation models, Content Planning & Caption Writing
Week 5:
Visual Content, how to create branded word-based templates, time-saving Scheduling tools
1st Program Q+A
Week 6:
Videos: Stories, Reels, Lives, IGTVs & Social-specific Sales Strategies to sign on new dream clients
Week 7:
Organic growth hacks & Analytics
Week 8:
Final Q+A, Hot Seat coaching, Celebrations, and Collaboration methods moving forward

Followed by a Monthly Mastermind:

🌱 Weekly Accountability Sessions 🌱
🌱 Q&A Sessions 🌱
🌱 Hot Seat Coaching 🌱
🌱 Strategy Updates 🌱
🌱 Content Inspiration 🌱
*First Month is FREE*

Next Program start date:
JULY 2021

April 2021

Investing in a strategy is in everyone's best interest.
Because when you connect with your dream clients in an aligned, automated and fun way, the quality of your service improves dramatically and the world becomes even brighter.

Woah! did i just speak to your soul?

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