About MEO MArketing

MEO Marketing is a Social Media Marketing Consulting & coaching company run by Emmy-O that specializes in Instagram Strategies & content creation for Coaches & Personal brands.

We help heart-centered, transformation-driven businesses cultivate confidence, clarity & creative flow under the notion that when conscious, compassionate leaders step into their power, humanity heals.

Let's amplify our positive impact

my story

As a well-travelled social butterfly who grew up in a small mountain town in the American North West, you can imagine how excited I was when social media emerged as a young teen. Gone were the days of aol instant messenger and the limitations of my small, local network. This adventurous, outspoken, creative, cat-loving millennial finally had the tools she craved to exercise her life-long pursuit of CONNECTION. As technology advanced, and I traveled internationally, my ability to create & produce visual stories that educate, uplift, and connect humans from around the world only sky-rocketed. 

Not able to confine myself to one degree in University, I chose & completed 3: International Studies, Spanish & Emergent Digital Practices. It wasn’t clear to me at the time, but what all three of these degrees had in common was this underlying passion for cross-cultural human connection. This was also a pivotal time in my life as I explored new depths of my self expression through dubstep music & the Denver Arts scene. (Fun fact for anyone who has landed here from my instagram .. my handle and online persona of @dubkitty was born from that era!)

Fast forward to now, I’m overjoyed to be making a positive impact on humanity by working with conscious, heart-centered, transformation-driven personal brands that are dedicated to improving the lives of others. The way I see it, by empowering my clients with the clarity, confidence and creative branding direction they need to deeply connect and grow with their audience, my services have a positive ripple effect.  

When I’m not frothing over marketing and design projects you can find me nerding out about personal development & spirituality, working towards my Marketing & Communications Diploma, exploring the outdoors, grounding down on my yoga mat, getting crafty with recycled gems, or tearing up a dance floor.

👇 As you can see below👇
I am not just ONE thing & neither are YOU!

As soon as I embraced all sides of my identity online (quirks & all),
my ability to attract & connect with soul-aligned clients & connections became effortless & fun.

Are you struggling to
attract clients online
by being yourself?